Our vast range of latest technology equipment gives us the capability to cut walls, floors, roadways. From thin material right through to heavily reinforced material at any depth. MORE INFO
From 12mm to 4 metres in diameter, we can drill it for you. Floors, walls, roofs or on angles, into concrete brick or stone. MORE INFO
Cutting of steel tanks, heat exchanges, structural members, pipes etc. Flame / Spark free + extremely versatile. MORE INFO

Cut & Core's new DXR300 Remote Controlled Demolition Robot is the ultimate in safety, efficiency and technology. With the largest hammer in its class (higher impact than 9t equivalent), large capacity crusher for silent demolition, and high strength shears for the cutting of reo and stripping services etc, THERE IS NOTHING THIS MACHINE CANNOT DO! With so many features, this machine is changing the concrete cutting game and often outweighing traditional cutting processes in both time, speed and of course safety.

  • Totally fumeless - work in hospitals, basements, tunnels, shopping centres, ANYWHERE!
  • Incredibly versatile - fits through standard doorways, climbs stairs, fits in most goods lifts.
  • Wireless remote control - operator can always be in safe operating position.
  • Silent demolition - work during normal hours in occupied buildings!
  • Incredible power - the hammer attachment is the highest impact hammer in its class, out-hitting machines many times it size!
  • Super efficient - often far quicker than traditional cutting options.

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